Tami LaTrell’s #ThroughMyEyesMixtape

And a wise man once said… “God can’t give to you, if he can’t give THROUGH you” – Kirbyjohn Caldwell

I have many things to share, but today I will focus on one in particuar… #goodmusic by Ms. Tami LaTrell…


I’ve always known that my cousin Tami was star. I remember seeing her and Monica Hatter [dancer for Santogold]
dancing at my sister’s Deonne’s birthday party in the early 90’s and I knew both of them had “it”.

Many years later my cousin begin to do her thang locally with noted producers and Houston notables such as
Brooke Valentine, Chamillionaire, and Domo. One day she came by with a song that I immediately knew was a
“single” and possible a “hit”…

sidebar: When I listen to music…I listen to a song/track until I hear every lyric and instrument used in the track.
I dissect music completely and if it moves me, I actually shudder and I get goosebumps…If it’s really good, the hair
will stand up on my arms… #musikhed

So though I was shocked it wasn’t my surprised that it was “shopped” and landed into Whitney Houston’s throat…
and well you know the rest. “Whatulookinat” the song in question is still my jam… I have the original version though! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Tami begin her career as a professional songwriter in her teens; Something that still astounds me to this day.
Tami has and will continue to be the creative, lyrical princess that she is.
But she’s more than that…she’s more than I will say because I’m sure you all think I’m just biased. And yeah I am…
But I’m also a “professional” in this business. Check my stats…& resume #thatisall #smooches And just as I was
persistent pushing and promoting Letoya’s debut album, Corinne Bailey Rae’s debut album, KT Tunstall’s debut album,
ya damn skippy I’m even MORE excited because she is my blood, and I’m proud of her. It’s a pleasure and privilege to
work with her, and market her projects, and I can’t wait to see her win her first Grammy award! #1Fan

In my honest…professional opinion, I LOVE IT her mixtape, “Through My Eyes” If she wasn’t my cousin and I downloaded
her music randomly like I always do with others, I’d still share.Don’t I always tell you about great music, musicians, singers,
and songwriters??? Well this is not any different…take my word, and support Houston’s own…Tami LaTrell… [period]

Truth be told, I haven’t been this excited about an R&B/Pop artist in a very long time.
If you were at Destiny’s Child / Jagged Edge mixer at Southwest…maybe you could understand my enthusiasm.
Yeah…it’s like that… Because we saw those girls work and grind it out for years…and they had finally made it.
So…yes it’s that serious to me…cause Tami’s been doing the same exact thing, just behind the scenes penning
tracks like Keyshia Cole’s “Falling Out”

But now it’s Tami LaTrell’s turn to shine… “Through My Eyes” by Tami LaTrell will be released on May 3rd, 2011
as a FREE digital download on her website

Her debut single “Coastin'” is available on iTunes for a mere $.99, so I will thank you in advance for your purchase and support! ๐Ÿ˜‰

HOWEVER…if you are in the Houston,Texas area you are cordially invited to attend the Official “Through My Eyes” Mixtape Release Party…”

[THIS Friday people]
April 29th, 2011
[after work & happy hour]
6:30pm – 10:00pm
@ The Moghul “M” Lounge
11681 Westheimer St.

It’s very important to Tami to meet and connect with fans of her music
as well as aspiring songwriters and producers. She will be signing photos &
posters on Friday evening, and talking with fans. And you can always seek advice,
share your music, etc. on her forum “The Writer’s Block” on her website.

I hope your schedule will allow you to spend the evening with us. You just may be mad at yourself if you miss it! ๐Ÿ™‚