I used to be an entertainer. I still am to some degree, but those who know me…know what I’m talking about. And it’s something about this song that puts my right back in the hallways in Bellaire Senior High School…circa 1989.

I love to dance. If I have a partner that can dance, even better. But I don’t even need one…I have never had a problem doing that one thing…dancing.

Back in high school, I was shy, and troubled…but known for being the complete opposite. But there are a few who can remember “Lil Pop”… The PopLocking B-girl around the way…when breakdancing faded, I continued to wreck the floor at any dance or party. And ultimately…the Mic…Ahh… Nostalgia. B-Girl for life tho’…

Guy was/is one my favorite groups my generation. Teddy was/is just a beast, Aaron is just Aaron…his shit is effortless. And Damion…well he had his talents as well. In fact, I actually bought his solo joint.

Funny story, one day one of the homies came through the crib, and who does he have with him? Damion Hall. I was incredibly star-struck I can’t even lie. I tell him I am such a huge fan, and I loved him and the fellas…blah blah blah. And dude is like, “I bet you don’t have my CD.” I smiled, walked over to my collection, and pulled that ho out on his ass. I will never forget the smile on his face, and you know I had him sign it…

MASSIVE Shoutout to Damion Hall, Aaron Hall, and the incredible Teddy Riley. Thank you for some of the best music of my life!